Tel Aviv

Our PhotoHouse was established in the heart of Tel Aviv, therefore Rudi’s camera was a silent witness to the development of Israel and particularly Tel Aviv. He photographed the developing construction of the city, parades and processions, art events, industry, cityscapes, cafés and cinemas, urban life, national propaganda, immigrant ships, portraits, street scenes, and more.

Michael Taube conducting the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

Tel-Aviv, 1936

Negative: B4-20
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Crowd at Tel Aviv parade

Tel-Aviv, 1948

Negative: 8014
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Multitude of kids

Tel-Aviv, 1939

Negative: 2837
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The Division of The Plots


Negative: R6348
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10th Anniversary Concert

Tel-Aviv, 1947

Negative: 6655
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Golda Meir at the Opening of Tel-Aviv-Netania Road

Tel-Aviv, 1950

Negative: 15355
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