In The PhotoHouse's Footsteps

Join a fascinating tour that reveals the story of Tel Aviv's oldest store, which has long ago become a local institution:

.The PhotoHouse started out as one of the small photography shops scattered along Allenby Street, but over the years became the most famaous photography shop in Tel Aviv, through which tens of thousands of people had their portraits taken, and local history's most important moments were captured in negatives.

+ Who were Rudi and Miriam Weissenstein and how did they turn their little shop into a success?

+ Why was Rudi chosen to be the official photographer of Israel's Declaration of Independence?

+ Who were the local celebrities who wanted to be photographed only by Rudi?

+ Why was the family store demolished? And what is the future of the huge collection of negatives in our digital era?

In this nostalgic tour we will visit places from the iconic photographs, the historic store location, as well as today's store.


1.5-2 hours
For groups up to 20 people
Guided by The PhotoHouse's archivist, Michal Minsky
for orders and inquiries: [email protected] | +972-544-299199



Rudi and Miriam Weissenstein near the old PhotoHouse, 1973