Ganim Hotel, Ramat-Aviv, 50's

Several times during the 1950s, Rudi set out to document one of the most desirable vacation destinations in Israel and one of the most prestigious hotels in the city - the Ramat Aviv Hotel in Tel Aviv.

The hotel was built due to David Ben-Gurion's desire for a hotel of "high European standard" that will accommodate the guests of the temporary government that was then operating in Tel Aviv as well as tourists with means. Inaugurated in August 1951 at the northern end of the city, it was the newest hotel in the country when its buildings and contents were brought in Italian ships. The rooms were located in a kind of bungalow and around them were planted trees and meadows. Next, a central 2-story building was also built that included a grand lobby with a bar and a huge dining room.

Shortly after its establishment, the hotel became a meeting place for businessmen, IDF officers and the political leadership alongside guests from abroad. The cafe next to the swimming pool, which was the first to be established in a hotel in the city, has become a prestigious and sought-after event hall for the minority that could afford it in the young State of Israel where an austerity regime was instituted. In the absence of a public swimming pool in the city, the hotel pool has become an attraction. This is alongside the decorated nightclub and the "Italian" cafe, where they served an Italian caste ice cream wrapped in crisp biscuit. Since the hotel was away from the city and a private vehicle was not common, a regular shuttle service operated daily from 6am until midnight.

In the photo series, Rudi documented the ultimate vacation everyone in the 50s would wish for: The people in bathing suits, the rest by the pool, the children playing in the water, the cafe with the embedded maps, the luxurious lobby, the meticulous furnishings in it and the dining room.

Every good story comes to an end, and in the 1970s and 1980s the hotel faded and in 2005 it was demolished and on its territory was built the Savyonei Ramat-Aviv neighborhood.


More photos of sea & water


AIPAC 2020

We are so proud and excited to attend the AIPAC 2020 Conference in Washington, D.C.

Ben Peter, the owner and manager of The PhotoHouse, will be speaking in front of a large audience about Rudi's life and preservation. We will also have a booth to run during the conference days where participants can contact us with questions, watch and learn what we do today at The PhotoHouse.

The 2020 AIPAC Conference will be held Sunday, March 1 - Tuesday, March 3 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

W i s h   u s   l u c k !

More info about the event


A symbolic picture of the century!


Dear PhotoHouse members,

You made a great gift to the Exile Museum.
When you build a museum, you are always on the hunt for the unique object, for the one and only picture that tells a whole story. To find the unique among thousands, even hundreds of thousands of pictures, you have to find a photographer who had the eye for century pictures himself. Rudi Weissenstein was one such artist.
His picture about loading the container tells of the end of historical Judaism in Askenas. The Silesian metropolis of Breslau is a highly symbolic name for a glorious Jewish scholarship and culture. Heinrich Graetz, the legendary explorer of Jewish history, worked in Breslau.Breslau was the place of the world famous “Jüdisch-Theologisches Seminar” . Ferdinand Lasalle, the romatic leader of the early German Labour Movement came from Brelau.

The container symbolizes the expulsion and the break with civilization - because everyone knows that the expulsion was followed by the Holocaust.
The picture also tells of the Zionist dream, of a new beginning in a completely new, so to speak utopian city. Tel Aviv - the name became a symbol of the future state of Israel and its completely new immigrant society.

In short: a symbolic picture of the century !

Thank you very much !
Christoph Stölzl
Founding Director
Exile museum, Berlin



Urban Love Festival

On the occasion of the TLV Festival, which will take place
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New Pop-up Shop

We opened a new pop-up shop in the Jaffa Art Salon.
You can see our best products
write a postcard and send it
watch an animated installation
browse books
and enjoy an inspiring atmosphere.
Jaffa Salon of Art


The PhotoHouse celebrates 70 for Israel

On Friday after Independence day, for only a few hours:
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It's time to refresh your art books shelf


Our photography books section has been added lately many new books from leading publishers and exciting photographers.


This week some new photography books by the German publisher Kehrer. one copy only of each book. come and find yours!


Exclusively on our store on 5 Tchernichovsky St. Tel-Aviv


The Israel That Will Never Return

By Ben Peter

A 26-year-old man, what does he know? Decides to get up and leave. In fact, he is called. The year is 1936 and he has one camera and many fantasies. Even back when he worked at a newspaper in Vienna he imagined how he would build his photo archive, in Palestine – a rather strange word.


Continue reading on Haaretz photography blog


Excited to launch our new tour

The first tour of "The Photography Trail"

Curious about our archive? From now on you can get to know it better and hear all the secret  stories from within it by joining our new tour.

In the 1930s, many PhotoHouses flourished in Tel Aviv,  where dozens of photographers set out from in order to document the vigorous events in the city emerging from the sand dunes and throughout Israel. Historical events and daily events, the nation's leaders and new immigrants, all were photographed and their image became part of the Zionist enterprise.

On this tour we will meet old Tel Aviv through the eyes of Rudi Weissenstein and the story of our PhotoHouse, "Pri-Or" , which continues to exist until today and is operated by Rudi's family.

Length of the tour: 1.5-2 hours

The tour is guided by The PhotoHouse's Archivist, Michal Minsky and is a collaboration with Talking Art- Contemporary art tours in Israel.

Private tours can be booked  in Hebrew and English.

Photos from the tour


Exciting Book Launching in Zurich

On June 7, the thrilling new book launch of 'Rudi' was held at Photobastei Photography Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland.

The event was accompanied by a conversation with Ben Peter and Anna-Patricia Kahn of °CLAIR Gallery, which represents us in Europe and co-edited the book. they  shared with the audience the challenging process of selecting the images for the book and producing it .

The book reveals a less familiar aspect of Rudi Weissenstein and his photographs, and offers a personal and unique perspective in photographs that have not been exposed to the public before.

The book is now available online>


YNET article with our photos

For independance day, Ynet, Israel's leading news website, wrote this fascinating article about youth life in Israel in the state’s first decade, that was characterized in a confusing reality of shortages and new hope.

We were honored to be chosen to supply the visual materials for this extraordinary and informative article.

For the full article>>>




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New Exhibition

The archive is celebrating 80 years in a new exhibition. Opening on February 16, 2017.
The Dov Hoz Community Center in Tel Aviv is hosting The PhotoHouse and introducing a new show of our photographs, taken by Rudi at the location of the Dov Hoz center in the 40s, when the building operated as the mythological “Beit Tseirot Mizrachi”- a home crafts school for young women.


Happy New Year!

...Wishing you many beautiful moments that will last forever


Back To School at The PhotoHouse!

The PhotoHouse invites you to a Back To School celebration!

New and senior students, on the last week of summer vacation, you are welcome to be photographed at our studio and have your picture on a costume made notebook cover!

So.. what is included?
- Photography session at our studio
- A custom-made notebook starring you
- Files of selected photos - sent to your email
- Price: 49 NIS
- Dates: August 28-29, 2016

call 03-5177916 to sign up and join the event! 



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Once in a decade flash sale


Once in a decade or so, we go crazy and offer ridiculous prices on samples, overstocks, one off pieces and  all sorts of steals we have left in stock.

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Purim Studio Photography event! 24-26.3

Come and experience our annual Purim studio photography sessions!

The experience includes :
A professional photo session
Sending the files by email
2 A5 size quality prints

Price : 49 Nis per person

Thu 24.3 10:00-18:00
Fri 25.3 10:00-14:00
Sat 26.3 : 10:00-18:00

limited Capacity | Please reserve in advance
Tel: 03-5177916 | [email protected]

see photos from the event


Saloona website chose us as one of the 5 best gift shops in Tel-Aviv!

So you still haven't got anything from us?!

" You'll return home not just with a gift, but with an experience"

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We have a new printer!

Wondered how we make our quality prints?

We use Fine Art premium papers and pigment printing technology that preserves photographs in an archival level for decades... The image stability of pigment printing is superior to that of any other method of printing, including traditional silver-halide. It is the best technique for retaining image integrity and creates an exact match of a traditional piece. It is mostly used by museums, galleries and art collectors.

Lately we received a new printer, that allows us to print even larger photos.


Shana Tova!

Wishing you all a happy new jewish year!


OpenHouse Tel-Aviv weekend 14/5-16/5: Colorized Photos at The PhotoHouse

Especially and only for this weekend, we will display an exhibition of color photographs, originally taken in black and white by Rudi Weissenstein in the 1940`s, and brought to life in color by the artist Michelle Armel.The colorization offers a new perspective on some iconic photographs and the urban space in Tel Aviv of days gone by.

We will also offer all comers a 20% discount and new special edition products with the colorized images!

OpenHouse Tel Aviv is one of many “OpenHouse” events that take place in cities around the world. One weekend a year, Tel Aviv opens up private spaces – designer lofts, urban villas, unique synagogues, architecturally significant public buildings, curious construction sites, plazas and gardens. During the event weekend, the public can visit, explore and discuss these sites.Thu 14/5: 10:00-18:00, Fri 15/5: 10:00-14:30, Sat 14/5: 10:00-18:00

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Purim studio photography event !


On Wednesday & Thursday, 4-5.3/15 , we'll be holding a Purim studio photography event !

This Purim we decided to recreate the experience of a Purim studio photography set, which in the past was the central day of the year when Tel Aviv's children came to our photo studio to be photographed , all dressed up in their costumes.

The studio will be open for two days only! This is a unique opportunity to experience Purim studio photography of as was done in Little Tel Aviv.

Photography session includes:
Professional Photography
2 quality prints, printed on the spot
the 2 photo files sent by email
An option to purchase a matching hand-made framework for 30% off

We are waiting for you with Purim songs, funny atmosphere and other treats, so if there might be some waiting time, it'll pass by with pleasure.

No appointment necessary, just arrive:

Wed, 4.3: 10: 00-17: 00
Thu, 5.3: 10: 00-17: 00

Price: 49 per person.
Of course, parents are welcome to have a photography session as well.

In addition, only in the event days, there'll be 20% discount on all products in the store!

See you


30% off all our food and beverage images Friday

The Annual LunchBox Press books sale is hosted here!

Friday, 12/26/14

14: 00-10:00

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Up to 30% off the good things and the wines of Goodies Deli

Snacks and surprises. Looking forward to seeing you!

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Shana Tova!

from all our team


back to school photography event!

come and pose for our camera before getting back to school, and see  how you used to look like!

it will be possible to arrive anytime during these three days 27-30.8.2014

Click here and check out all of the cute kids and their parents who had their photos taken !


old school studio photos event!

Want to know how you used to look like in the past? join us for an enchanted weekend of old school studio photography! a 3 day studio that we establish especially for "Open House Tel Aviv 2014" events. the photoshoot is personal and includes dressing in vintage clothing and accessories.

see the results of the photography event!


Miriam Weissenstein's 100 anniversary!

join us for the celebration of Miriam Weissenstein's 100 anniversary with a special screening of the movie "Life in Stills" at Tel Aviv Cinemateque!


From within the Archive

now that the National Library of Israel has begun the digitization process of the archive, new negatives are being discovered. Here are a few exciting ones that we found!

browse through our photos on Israel National Library website


A Symbolic Day at Pri-Or PhotoHouse

For a year and a half now, Pri-Or PhotoHouse has been relocated to Tshernichovsky 5. And although Tshernichovsky has become a chic and cozy location, the dream of going back to Allenby 30 is still strong and will most likely happen in the next two years when construction is complete.  Since Ben Peter began working with his grandmother, Miriam Weissenstein at the PhotoHouse, one of his goals has been to preserve his grandfather’s archive of one million negatives through digitization. On November 27, 2012, Pri-Or PhotoHouse that stood at Allenby 30 for 70 years was torn down, and that same day, a contract was signed with the National Library of Israel to preserve the archive. This marked a very symbolic and heartfelt day for Pri-Or PhotoHouse.

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Shana Tova!

have a happy new jewish year


new store opening

join us for the opening party of our store in its new location! we'll be waiting for you with drinks, good music and sale itemes. see you