our photographs were displayed in many exhibitions in Israel and around the globe and were awarded numerous prizes.


In the passing years, Rudi Weissenstein has won world recognition and had exhibitions in many countries.
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21.11.19 -30.11.19

Flashback - Personal Places, The illustration week

The exhibition deals with contemplation, nostalgia and documentation from a personal and close place. Through shared memories, exhibition curator Iris Rywkind Ben Zour documents her father's work, Effi Rywkind, in the graphic design medium, and collects a selection of his commercial and personal works - with reference to the iconic photographs by photographer Rudi Weissenstein. The two creators, Weisenstein and Rywkind, lived side by side without any personal acquaintance, on the same street, near the "The PhotoHouse" mythological shop. Their field of activity was seemingly different, but they both had common interests: documentation of the landscapes of the Land of Israel, construction in the land and daily life. They both created their own state, a state of illustrations and pictures. Through their works we gain a personal and exciting glimpse into the spirit of the period in which they lived and created.

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Opening: Thursday | 21.11.19 | 19: 00-21: 30 | Tchernichovsky 5, Tel-Aviv

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