Our Business Clients

Our Photos create a unique and nostalgic atmosphere at your business, that will make your clients and employees feel at home.
Contact us and we'll prepare you a demo of our photos on your office, hotel or store walls free of charge.

Dizengoff Suites Tel Aviv‏


Dizengoff Suites is a boutique hotel located on the corner of Gordon and Dizengoff in Tel Aviv.

They contacted us to refresh all the pictures in the hotel. The process was long and accurate and included simulations for all rooms.

Each image is carefully selected and matched to the room in which it is displayed. The finishes are of the highest quality we can offer: a picture glued on a thin aluminum back and a glossy plexiglass coated face that bounces off the picture details.

Goldfrab & Zeligman Law Firm​ - 40th floor


We are always happy when Goldfrab & Zeligman, one of the largest Law Firms in the country, asks us to decorate another one of their office floors. Locted in a high rise, It is an opportunity to us to take a look at Tel Aviv's skyline and enjoy our pictures in large scale.

Our working process begins by visiting the offices, offering the client a variety of images and their simulation on the office walls,until the customer's happy with the result and we can start with the production, supply and hanging of the pictures. 

We are very pleased with the result and looking forward to decorating more of their office spaces.

The coffee shop of the JW3 Jewish Cultural Center


Every project that we do excites us and challenges us to try and adapt to it the images that will most reflect the mood on the spot. This time, our picture of Cafe Kassit reached London, the coffee shop of the JW3 Jewish Cultural Center, which brings the atmosphere of Tel Aviv to the British capital. Mosh left.

Interior design: Yonit Levinstein Sabatello

Photo: JW3

Park Plaza Orchid Tel Aviv


Located on Tel Aviv's seafront promenade, Park Plaza Orchid Hotel is the ultimate "old Tel Aviv" hotel. are photos can be found all around it.  

Goldfrab & Zeligman Law Firm​


a huge project in which we decorated the walls of Goldfrab & Zeligman Law Firm​'s offices in Tel Aviv with our photos. the offices spread on six floors of a tower, from which the views of modern Tel Aviv can be seen, while inside our photos of old Tel Aviv can be seen. a beautiful combination of new & old.

Ichilov Hospital


large scale prints that we made for the Neurosurgery Department, Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv.

Goodies Deli


Photos for the walls of this bubbly Tel Aviv Deli.

The Alexander Tel Aviv


The Alexander Tel Aviv is a designer boutique Hotel  located on the Tel Aviv  beach.  our photos decorate the walls of the rooms.

Herods Tel Aviv Hotel


The  Herods Tel Aviv is a themed hotel that offers  its guests a unique time traveling experience, transporting them to the vibrant atmosphere of Tel Aviv’s White City in the 1930s. our photos decorate the rooms' walls and the in reception there is a big photo of our Gordon Swimming Pool photo.

Yam Hotel


Dedicated to beach culture , Yam (Sea in Hebrew) Hotel is designed with vivacious pictures, objects and other decorative elements , all depicting and inspired by beach culture. Our series of pictures of Lifeguards on Tel-Aviv Beach from 1949 is hanging in its corridors.

Sun Tel Aviv Real Estate


this Real Estate office wanted to give their clients the feeling of old Tel Aviv. this is when our photos came in the picture.

Neve Tzedek Ice Cream


An extremely tasty ice cream store in the Tel Aviv Port area.