Collage technique workshop ticket

120.00 ₪
In the workshop we will collect scattered pieces and put them together into something new.
Guided by Mietal Labouz, a designer, illustrator and certified in a focus approach.
20.2.24 Tuesday
16:30 - gathering
17:00 - the workshop starts
In the intimate and inspiring space of The PhotoHouse Salon
The price includes materials
You can park in the Allenby 24 parking lot
"Collage has always been my favorite technique, something with the layers forming on the page and the connection between different materials creates magic.
When I discovered the focusing technique I felt like I had come home. There, too, the work is in layers, only this time these are the layers inside me, the different materials that are me.
I invite you to a workshop where we will experiment with tools from the focusing method and the collage technique"