Curtain (‘Room’ series)

2,200.00 ₪

Analog photo (colored negative) printed on archival cotton paper
Year: 2013
From the series 'Room'
Limited edition

size: 30x40 cm
The prints have 3-5cm white borders
The prints are numbered and signed by the photographer
The series “Room” was taken in Sharon derhy’s previous home in Jaffa, all in one room, in front of the same window. Sharon was not familiar to the women, yet found a familial, almost genetic resemblance to them. The objects were saturated in past biographical meanings, and they composed pieces of memory made out of objects and bodies.

The light from the window emphasises or covers, not necessarily what is expected, or required. The pictures were taken on film and mostly with grainy under exposure that creates soft and gentle transitions and merges that deepen the feeling of closeness and intimacy. This is how a memory that feels both vague and real was created, an attempt to revive it through form, texture, color and light, as well as a wish to keep it enigmatic, and unresolved, buried in the room. 

The photo can be printed in additional sizes and can be framed. Please contact us for more details.

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The wooden frames are made of natural wood veneer.

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Sharon Derhy, a photographer, an artist, and a lecturer in photography (Minshar Art, Tel Aviv, Wizo, Haifa Academic Center.

Derhy’s works deals with intimate encounters between images and their surroundings, body and light, as well as the contact between materials and the synthesis created with two objects.

The light in her photographs interacts with the object- emphasizes or covers- and documents the passage of time.  Derhy uses analog cameras. She usually underexposes and produces grainy qualities. Unlike the sharpness and clear borders of digital cameras, she seeks gentle or soft transitions and mergers. Her work embodies both fragility and power, and despite the differences in location, style and composition, all have in common a sense of intimacy and precision.