Gift Pack - Inspiration

390.00 ₪ 480.00 ₪

Imagine this...
It's tea time, you are sitting in the yard, looking at the view, pouring yourself some tea, and breathing in deeply. You open Rudi's photography book and become inspired. Beautiful thoughts and original ideas flood you, and you rush to write them down in your secret notebook.

It would be very nice if someone would buy you this gift, but it would also be very nice to buy it for someone else or for yourself of course.
This package will do you good, and when you feel better - you make the world better :)
Size: 24/28 cm | Hardcover | 160 pages | English
Size: 13/18 cm | Hardcover | 144 pages of lines
Size: 7.5 / 8 cm | 340 ml
Blackwing 602 | Designed for drawing and writing
Size: 9/9 cm