The 3rd Maccabiah Games

The 3rd Maccabiah Games

Ramat Gan, 1950

  • Negative no. : 15669
The time was the first years of austerity in Israel and a pompous sports event was held. The resources poured, the players arriving from abroad were to be hosted in the best conditions. Songs were composed, a stadium to hold the audience was built.
This picture was taken by Rudi at the opening ceremony of that day. The Maccabiah Games, showcasing the various inspirations that came into play in their production. The Torch Bearer, rising on top of the Palm arbor is the runner Yehuda Gabay, bringing the flaming rod straight from Modi'in. His upright stand in front of a monumental JNF poster is declaring the wish to be seen as a direct extension of the ancient Olympic tradition and maybe also, bring redemption to the suffering jewish poeple.
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The 3rd Maccabiah Games

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