It is hard to believe that in the yard of this small hut at 65 Hayarkon Street, was the first zoo of Tel-Aviv. The park was established by Rabbi Dr. Shornstein, who was an avid animal lover. A small zoo in Shenkin moved to this building but due to neighbors' complaints about roaring lions and tigers and identifying commercial potential, the municipality agreed to dedicate an area of ​​about 25 dunams in the far and uninhabited north off the city, in the area of ​​Gan Hadassah (now Gan Ha'ir). The zoo on Hayarkon Street was photographed by Rudi  in 1938 just before it moved to a larger and newer building. In time, the outskirts of the city became the center, and again the neighbors' complaints about the odor and noise prevailed and in 1980, the zoo closed and moved to a safari in Ramat Gan, thus marking a unique period in the city's history.

If you look closely at this picture, you will notice that on the hut there are remnants of a sign that says "Zoo".