Happy Summer to All


Every year during this period I promise myself that next year I won’t be here for the summer. Planning an escape to a place where the sun hides behind the clouds, a place where the sky is gray, where you can straighten your forehead and open your eyes wide. All summer lovers, I am happy for you but can not understand you, how you can endure the heat that envelops you to suffocation, fire, burning. So enjoy the summer and the watermelons that you will soon be snacking everywhere and say "what an excellent watermelon, so sweet" and again I will not understand you and I will continue to think that a hotel is a hundred times better. I will dream of a pool that will cool me down and give me back some optimism and when I get to it, I will dip my foot and that's it. Unable to get into that cold. I will sit on the side and wait for the hours to pass and we will return home. But don 't let me screw you. 

Happy summer everyone!


Ramat Aviv Hotel Pool, 1958 | Negative 32217