MA in educational administration, art doctor in the anthroposophical way, BA in AI studies, teacher of yoga and guided imagination.
Combines all worlds - emotional / therapeutic work with colors, analysis of paintings, connection between man and nature and his nature with the help of observation and drawing, accompanying children, youth and parents, knowledge from the world of anthroposophy and human development from childhood to old age, working with movement that creates a painting
Emotional-personal work for all ages, health in all dimensions - body-mind-spirit



-Working in charcoal - drawing from the spirit worlds
-"Wet on wet" work - painting with pigments of natural color on pages dipped in water
-Drawing from guided imagination work
-The wonders of the panda - a color that is material
-Group clay work
-Figures in motion - clay work of figures that appear to be moving
-Healing exercises in color
-A connection between writing and painting - from the fact that I also published a book of poetry
-How do you communicate in drawings?
-Motion drawing/shape drawing - cross-over exercises and development of mathematical thinking through the shapes

Suitable for families
- Joint family work in clay - creating a family vessel (not including burning the vessel in the oven)
- Family clay exercises for fun
- Family clay exercises as a basis for the topic of non-verbal communication including a discourse circle
- Family drawing exercises as a basis for the subject of non-verbal communication including a discourse circle
- Fun guided drawing - multi-age - possible in any type of color - pencils, water, panda, charcoal
- Creating a shared story for the whole family is accompanied by illustrations
- Drawing or clay exercises according to themes - feelings / journey / home / memories / dreams
- Meditation and guided imagination for the family and transferring them to painting or clay
- Coming of age ceremonies in the world - a lecture accompanied by videos and creating a discourse on the topic of coming of age and its meaning - suitable from children of mitzvah age due to the content of the videos
- Facilitating a family discussion circle around a topic the family requests, accompanied by mediated work in drawing / cards / listening exercises
- Social games for the whole family

Activities for companies:
- When you release control over the page and in life - group exercises and guided conversation
- Group exercises consolidate art - in painting or clay
- Exercises to create positive non-verbal communication with the help of art
Writing a group illustrated story


- What is the connection between color and healing?
- When you release control over the page and in life
- How do you look at the paintings?
- From childhood to adulthood - key stages in the development of a person's body-mind-spirit
- The place of nature in a life of complete health