As a former information systems engineer at Hitech, I experienced burnout at work and was looking for a way to deal with it. I remember how I would end a workday without energy, I didn't have the strength to be with my children, "just let them leave me alone". At work I found myself putting off the things I was supposed to do. Fails to be in focus and makes mistakes of lack of concentration.

One day I heard about FLOW modes and something in me turned on, I had a clear knowledge that this was what could help me. I read a book and another book and the deeper I went I just wanted to learn more and more, Later, I enrolled in an in-depth program of One of the leading organizations today in researching and studying peak performance and FLOW states.

I invested tens of thousands of dollars and a year and a half of studies As I got deeper into this world I began to experience more and more what it feels like to be more present in my work.

From this presence came a sense of meaning and enjoyment in my work, it had a positive effect on my ability to be more present at home after work, with my children and with my wife. I realized that there is a powerful tool here that helped me and can help other people. I wanted them to know everything I discovered about FLOW and help them make the change I did. And since then I've been focusing on this: I teach and train FLOW



"Life-Flow" workshop

Drawing inspiration from the realms of positive psychology and FLOW science, this workshop is curated to unveil the key elements contributing to a life of joy and fulfillment. We will explore crucial topics such as nutrition, sleep, movement, breathing, gratitude, and our relationship with the environment.

Key Workshop Highlights:

  • Holistic Approach: Combining mental, emotional, and physical aspects for a comprehensive well-being experience.
  • Scientific Foundations: Grounded in research from positive psychology and FLOW science, offering evidence-based insights.
  • Focused Topics: Delving into nutrition, sleep, movement, breathing, gratitude, and environmental connections.
  • Practical Guidance: Providing actionable steps to help you initiate positive habits leading to a joyful and fulfilling life.

Our aim is to equip you with valuable insights and practical tools that empower you to take the initial steps toward cultivating habits that contribute to a life of enduring joy, and making these habits stay (based on the work of Cal Newport, Atomic Habits)


Flow Leadership Workshop

Join us for a special 2-hour workshop where we're going to unravel the secrets of effective leadership and management. We're bringing together insights from Harvard Business School and the brilliant mind of Abraham Maslow.

Leadership, according to experts, is about creating positive change with a vision and strategy, while management is about guiding people to achieve common goals regularly. We'll explore how these two concepts intersect and why they're both crucial.

In plain language, we'll dive into how to be a great leader and manager. Think of it as a guide to understanding your team, creating a positive work environment, and making things happen effectively.

We'll also tap into Maslow's principles for "Eusachian management" – aiming to make work a place where everyone flourishes. We'll cover trust, transparency, dealing with challenges, recognizing strengths, and finding that sweet spot between being loved and respected.

Our goal is simple: help you become a fantastic leader and manager, striking the perfect balance between dreaming big and getting things done.


Flow Cycle Workshop

Embark on a 2-hour adventure with our "Flow Cycle" workshop.
An exploration into the hidden map of your mind, grounded in Flow states research. 

Flow feels awesome, but it's just one part of a four-step process. Some of the steps might not feel so great – they can be kinda unpleasant. But here's the thing, that not-so-great feeling is actually a natural and necessary part of the experience. It's just how our brain works.

Our brain has a natural rhythm that is described as four stages cycle: 
Struggle, Release, Flow, and Recovery.

We will learn how to go through the tricky parts (Struggle) with more ease, and make the good parts (Flow) even better. So, even though there are some “not-so-fun” steps. The skills we will learn will be like secret weapons to make the whole journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Imagine navigating the daily challenges (Struggle) with confidence, the sweet relief of letting go (Release), the exhilaration of being in the zone (Flow), and the essential moments of rest and rejuvenation (Recovery). It's like a guided tour of your mind's rollercoaster! 

In this simple, yet purposeful workshop, we connect the dots between your everyday experiences and the profound meaning within.


"Group Flow" workshop

A profound exploration into the heart of collaboration and connection. 
In this enlightening 2-hour session, we delve into the essence of shared purpose, unraveling the tapestry of meaningful interactions that bind a group. Guided by the philosophy of unity and purpose, participants will discover the profound impact of the 10 Group Flow Triggers—keys to unlocking a harmonious symphony of collective brilliance.

As we navigate the intricacies of collaboration, the workshop fosters a space where each participant is a vital note in the composition of a greater melody. By understanding the deep connection between meaning and purpose, attendees will not only enhance teamwork but also embark on a philosophical exploration of their shared journey. Join us in transcending boundaries, fostering collaboration, and awakening the spirit of unity—because together, we create a symphony that resonates with purpose and shared meaning.

Dive into our "Group Flow" workshop
A cool and refreshing 2-hour session all about working together and making awesome things done professionally and with fun! 
We will learn about the 10 Group Flow Triggers identified by Dr. R. Keith Sawyer, Professor in Educational Innovations at the University of North Carolina.
These triggers are like the secret ingredients to having a super smooth team. 
We'll chat about how everyone's important, just like pieces of a puzzle fitting perfectly.

We will refer to the research about Flow States and the shared experience called: Group Flow. Understand how our brain works and what are the triggers for creativity and productivity within groups with shared goals.

Think of it as a fun adventure where we figure out how to be an amazing team. It's like discovering the special ingredients for a great recipe. We'll talk about why working together is not just about tasks but about creating something meaningful together. 

Join in, and let's make teamwork feel like hanging out with friends and making great things happen. Because when we team up, it's like magic—simple, fun, and full of meaning!


"Work Flow" Talk

How to increase productivity at work without burnout
90 minutes talk

Work Flow is a nuero-science based method, that will help you and your team enter flow states on a daily basis at work, and by that increase creativity and productivity.
It is based on new researches about how to improve our mental fitness and achieve better results.
People who are using this method report significant increase in productivity and
decrease in stress levels

The Topics:

  +  Flow Basics 101
  +  2 main drivers for Flow?
  +  2 main blockers for Flow?
  +  4 stages of the Flow Cycle
  +  How to implement flow at work