Freelance photographer, born in 1974, in the Caucasus in southern Russia. Immigrated to Israel in 1995 Engaged in photography since 2003 and from 2012 he started researching the historical processes of the early days of photography.

Passing his knowledge in workshops and courses of photography techniques in several institutions in Israel and for private individuals, his works have been presented in several exhibitions in Israel and around the world.


The workshop has two parts:

A theoretical part where I give a historical overview of the photography process, explanations about chemical and equipment safety, explains about a large format camera.

In the second part, you learn all the processes of creating a photograph - from preparing a plate through the photograph itself and development. After that, each participant goes through all the steps together with me and creates his own photo. Workshop duration 4-6 hours, depending on the number of participants.



A theoretical part including a historical review of the photography process, explanations of chemical and equipment safety, an explanation of a large format camera, photography creation processes. Finally, a photo of volunteers from the crowd or a group photo outside.