My name is Tal Lanir, I am a curator for special projects at the Tel Aviv Museum and regularly lecture in many places.
As part of my work I research modern mediums and their entry into the world of art and therefore, many of my lectures deal with topics such as new media, artistic appropriation, video art, street art, computer art, animation, video game art and the combination of music and art .


Appropriation in art
the lecture focuses on postmodernist art that borrows its sources from other works of art and sometimes actually copies them. In the lecture we will examine what types of appropriation there are and what to do with copyrights, especially in the digital age.

Robbery and Breakdown
on destruction in art: the lecture will review how destruction is integrated into modern and contemporary art and will focus on artists who wreak havoc on the works of others and themselves or focus on the function of destruction as the focus of creation.

David Polonsky
Illustrations: How do you curate an exhibition of illustrations and more for David Polonsky, one of the greatest illustrators in Israel, who also illustrates animation, comics, the press and children's books? The lecture will review the stages of curating Polonsky's solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum, from the idea to the design and execution.