Haim Ben-Yosef


Haim Ben Yosef is the hero of this image. He and his vehicle. And the cigarette of course, it would not have been the same without it. The shadow created by the hand resting on the open window also adds to the drama as well as Hotel Oya in the background and the clouds and the relationship between the sky and the car. I'm not happy to expand anymore for fear of losing you, but I find interest in every detail of the picture.

What's great about these pictures is that they look casual. Without effort or thought. Here Haim passed with the vehicle, wait, Haim, wait a second I'm with you. Click. Thank you, Haim, go on. But in fact, when one pays attention to the details of the picture, one finds that creative and clever work has been done here. Haim did not pass by chance, he came especially to be photographed.


The photo was taken in 1961, the year the Oya Hotel was established in Yehud. The hotel was mainly used by businessmen and air crews of foreign airlines.

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