Photographer: Rudi Wessenstein
Curator: Michal Bauman
Opening event: 3.5.2021 20:00
Closing: 30.6.2021
At The PhotoHouse Salon

A leaf  |  Tel-Aviv, 2020  |  Rudi Weissenstein

When you look at Uri's Instagram page, you get a clearer picture. These are not extraordinary moments captured on the iPhone lens (I guess, I'll find out later) but in fact, Uri's point of view is extraordinary. His choice of which moment to capture, from which angle, where to place the object of the image in the frame, turns small and accidental moments into unforgettable moments. It sounds excessive but on my flesh I experienced that looking at pictures of Uri is exciting and inspiring.

More than once when I watched the picture that Uri uploaded I thought to myself, what a perfect picture. The composition, the lighting, the story. How, how can it be that he is always in the right place at the right time.

Family routine |  Tel-Aviv, 2020  |  Rudi Weissenstein


The PhotoHouse Salon
30 Alenby st. Tel-Aviv